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Dollar for dollar, no other space exploration non-profit accomplishes more than Explore Mars. While others talk about Mars exploration, Explore Mars advances the cause of sending humans to Mars through concrete programs and projects.

Since our founding in 2010, our impact and influence in advancing the goal of landing humans on Mars has been unquestionable. But our most significant work is about to unfold, as we continue in 2015 to expand and accelerate our numerous programs and projects. Through programs such as the Humans to Mars Summit, the Mars Affordability Initiative, and Why Mars workshops, we bring space stakeholders, policy makers, and others together to tackle the tough issues that have frequently divided them.

In 2014, we launched two new technical projects, ExoLance and Time Capsule to Mars, both of which are building momentum and should make great strides forward in 2015.  And our active outreach to policy makers, elected officials, and others has been extremely successful, as we have built (and will continue to build) relationships with key decision makers.

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H2MR 2016

Where We Stand

A Comprehensive look at the progress of technical, political, scientific, and public perception for Human exploration of Mars

Affording Mars

Sustainable Programming for Future Missions

Continuing to Build Community Consensus on the future of humans space flight.


an Explore Mars Premier Event

The Humans to Mars Summit 2016, an Explore Mars Premier Event


an Explore Mars BE BOLD project


Time Capsule to Mars

an Explore Mars BE BOLD Technical Project

A Mission for Humanity, by Humanity

Mars Days on the Hill

Grass Roots Political Outreach

Ensuring decision makers are equipped with the knowledge needed to make decisions.

Posts, Media, & Press

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